Hair Botox 25€

Hair Botox is  a new intensive filling treatment of the hair structure.
It acts by filling the empty spaces on the capillary cuticle for a tangible remanding effect.
Designed to nourish and reflesh the most arid and fragile fibre, it is ideal for any type of hair that needs an enriching structural treatment.
Dulcemin ® LS8594, a glycoprotein extracted from the seeds of Prunus amygdalus, is the main active ingredient in this prodouct.
Its notes and recognized slow-release conditioning, nutritional and repairing properties make Dulcemin ® LS8594 a valuable ally for this new and effective filler treatment.
This Botox Hair helps in the prevention of split ends.

¡ Cuida tu cabello con los productos siempreverdes de Dickson!
Fórmulas con alta tolerabilidad, también dedicadas al cuero cabelludo más sensibles, porque sin:
Tintes artificiales;
Aromas con alérgenos;
Basado en fitoextractos y en ingredientes certificados de origen orgánico
100% hecho en Italia

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