First treatment 99€

Re-touch 90€               

​In the United States the microblading is very popular, in Europe instead always still a trendy trend. It is actually gathering adepts at great speed, thanks to the surprising and lasting results that it manages to achieve.


Price List :  First treatment 199€

Re-touch 180€                

What is Microblading?

It is a permanent makeup made with a refined technique that cures the eyebrows fur hair.

​What are the benefits?

​The microblading is born to fill the holes that often come to create in the arch of the eyebrows. Holes that until now have been always filled, at least worse, with pencils with colors similar to those of the hair and then of the eyebrows, or alternatively with a tattoo from the often very unnatural results. With the microblading, instead, it takes an important step forward and the holes are filled with hairs drawn one at a time. An extraordinary solution also for us has eyebrows rade and has always dreamed of having them thick and well defined. It is the evolution of permanent makeup, able to offer a much more natural effect to the face.